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La Buena Vida Creme Bru Lou-Lou

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DOB:  January 16, 2013
Sire: La Buena Vida American Beauty
SS:  Desert Nanny IM Blue Bombay
SD:  Inavale Bamboo Acres High Wave
Dam:  La Buena Vida Farm Angel Buttercup
DS:  Red Lotus MD Dumptruck
DD:  Bit of Color T Star Dazzle

Lou-Lou was bred to Double Sundog OF Hallmark and kidded with triplet bucklings.  She is developing a lovely udder.  We can’t wait to get her on milk test!


Blunderosa Luna Azul

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DOB:  September 9, 2011
Sire:  Old Mountain Farm Zipcode *S
SS:  ARMCH Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax+SE
SD:  Twin Creeks AH Finale’s ZIp *DE AR1881
Dam:  Bamboo Acres TK BluBeri Tea
DS:  Bamboo Acres IW Tikki’s Kane
DD:  Morning Star Blueberry Delight

La Buena Vida Luminaria

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D.O.B. March 2, 2012
Sire: Desert Nanny IM Blue Bombay *S
Dam: Mountain Top BD Luc Del Cielo

“Lady Lu” is an elegant and independent doe.  She is a first freshener and will begin her “unofficial” milk test for our barn records in mid January.  She has a soft, supple udder with nice size teats.  She is easy to milk but, due to her single baby nursing mostly on one side she is somewhat lopsided.

La Buena Vida Evie

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DOB: December 24. 2012
Sire: Desert Nanny IM Blue Bombay*S
SS: Desert Nanny Icy Blue Ice Man*S
SD: Desert Nanny MC Madeline 2*D
Dam: Dallas Tyler Lady Liberty
DS: Prairie Wood Huckleberry*S
DD: Desert Nanny Icy Blue Cameo *D VG AR2428

La Buena Vida Savina

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DOB: October 12, 2011  Height:  18.5
Sire: White Tank Minis BC Juniper
SS:  Desert Nanny EC Blue Carrado
SD:  DF Farms V Hail Mary Pass
Dam: Dallas Tyler Lady Eleanor
DS:  Prairie Wood Huckleberry *S
DD:  Desert Nanny Angelica 2*D AR2431