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Roc n Ewe DE Flower Child 2*D AR2430

DOB: March 29, 2008  Height:  20.25″

Sire: MCH Roc n Ewe JM Duke of Earl +SE
SS:  Roc n Ewe Ranch Jimmy Mack
SD:  Flat Rocks Keepsake
Dam: Lil Roughnecks BC Flutterbye*D
DS:  Double Sundog MM Bonus Check
DD:  Apache Valley Alexia

Flower was on one day test in 2010 with her previous owner.  She is currently #1 on NDGA’s All-time top ten high score for an overall score of 62.39!!!  She is #2 All time top ten BF with 8.1%.  We just LOVE “Flower Power” and the quality of milk she gives.  We hope to milk test her again, along with two of her daughter’s (Magnolia and Sadie) in spring 2014.

Bit of Color T Star Dazzle


DOB: March 2, 2008
Sire: Double Sundog ZG Tuxedo
SS:  Herzinger’s Zip Gun *S
SD:  Kehilan LM Desert Spring
Dam: Foxcroft Who’ll Stop the rain
DS:  Foxcroft School’s out for Summer
DD:  Foxcroft Turn the Page

2014 “unofficial” milk test info for our barn records:
47 days fresh, 4th kidding-3 kids: Jan 13th PM 1.95lbs Jan 14th AM 1.95lbs total=3.9lbs

“Midnight” was one of our very first does.  We just adore her pretty face and “old style” look.  She is totally spoiled and will always be our queen bee!