Our Bucks

La Buena Vida SC Jack Be Little

DOB: March 2, 2018

Sire: Hidden Hills RHS Sly Cat (VVV 87)
SS: Castle Rock Red Hot Saracha
SD: SG Blythmoor Twisted Ginger (V+EV 89)
Dam: SG La Buena Vida IF Laurel 3*M (VEEE 90)
DS: SG Jasper Pine EP Indiana Farmboy +*B (+EE 85)
DD: SG Dallas Tyler Sugar Magnolia 2*M (VVVV 87)

Extended pedigree:


Little Jack is an angular, petite buck that is proportionately balanced throughout his small stature. He has very correct straight legs with forward facing feet in front and rear. We love his dairy elegance and overall correctness. His dam, SG La Buena Vida IF Laurel was one of our strongest milk production does with extremely correct conformation. We lost her all too soon, rest in peace pretty girl!

Jack’s dam: SG La Buena Vida IF Laurel 3*M (VEEE 90)
Jack’s dam: SG La Buena Vida IF Laurel 3*M (VEEE 90)


Dreahook QS Aragon

DOB: March 9, 2018

Sire: Dreahook SA Quick Silver
SS: Flat Rock’s Silver Arrow (VVE 87)
SD: Dreahook RS String Of Pearls
Dam: Dreahook SS Tucana (VEEV 90)
DS:  Heaven’s Hollow Sig Sauer
DD: CH Dreahook DB Kahlua Kiss (VEEV 89)


Creosote Ranch GJ Limousine

DOB: March 19, 2019

Sire: La Buena Vida SC Gentleman Jack
SS: Hidden Hills RHS Sly Cat (VVV 87)
SD: SG La Buena Vida IF Laurel 3*M (VEEE 90)
Dam: Creosote Ranch Chloe’s Little
DS:  La Buena Vida TY Desmond *B
DD: La Buena Vida IF Chloe (VEEE 92)


La Buena Vida DD Live Wire *B

DOB: March 14, 2020

Sire: Hidden Hills Dirty Deeds DDC *B
SS: Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson *B (EVE 90)
SD: SGCH Bellafire BP Country Melody 1*M (EEEE 91)
Dam: La Buena Vida HC Zuri 2*M (VEEV 87)
DS: La Buena Vida HH Hansum CharmR (VEV 87)
DD: SG Jasper Pine SHH Demitasse 1*M (VEEV 88)

Dam: La Buena Vida HC Zuri 2*M
Sire’s dam: SGCH Bellafire BP Country Melody 7*M  **DNA**


Dragonfly CP Desert Fire (pending registration)

DOB: April 7, 2021

SS: Algedi Farm MH Solaris
SD: SG ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party *D (EEEV 90) 
DS: TX Twincreeks PKM Avatar 
DD: GCH Algedi Farm SHH Apogee (VEVE 90) 

La Buena Vida farm is thrilled to be adding this new buck to our herd! He is out of distinguished Dragonfly Farm with strong Algedi Farm lines! In 2019 his dam, Hellcat, scored an EVVE 91 with and E in shoulder assembly, a V in rump, and an E in rear legs, back, general appearance, and mammary! This is what her owner at Dragonfly Farm said about her, “Hellcat is one of our strongest milkers, with 5.1 pounds on her last test at 5 weeks fresh. She has a very well extended fore udder with lots of capacity.”

His sire, Capriccio, has thrown many daughters with E’s and V’s in rump, mammary, general appearance, and shoulder assembly. Many of his daughter’s have earned Best Doe in Show wins. His daughters have proven to consistently have well attached, capacious mammaries. His sire’s sire, Solaris, consistently gave does who earned their SG designation and received LA scores of 90+. 

Sires dam: SG ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party *D (EEEV 90)


La Buena Vida JBL Blackhawk

DOB: February 12, 2021

Sire: La Buena Vida SC JackBeLittle (+VE 83)
SS: Hidden Hills RHS Sly Cat (VVV 87)
SD: SG La Buena Vida IF Laurel 3*M (VEEE 90) 
Dam: La Buena Vida FM Fina 2*M (+EEV 88)
DS: SG RHV SMF Feldspar Matrix +*B (VEV 88) 
DD: Red Lotus MC Tierra (VVVV 88) 

Blackhawk is a very correct little buck who comes out of some of our favorite genetic lines. His head is perfectly proportioned and he is refined throughout his body. He has very straight front and rear legs, good shoulder assembly, a nice level back and rump, good brisket extension, and length. We are breeding Blackhawk to some of our heftier does to improve a nicer “dairy look” and levelness throughout the back and rump, along with more of an uphill show stance. Blackhawk’s dam, Fina, and grandam, Laurel, are/were two of our favorite does. Both have/had lovely udders with wide rear attachments, good medial, udder height, nice teat placement, and lots of production. We can’t wait to see Blackhawk’s first kids in spring 2022!

Dam: La Buena Vida FM Fina 2*M (+EEV 88)

Sire’s dam: SG La Buena Vida IF Laurel 3*M (VEEE 90) – R.I.P