Roc n Ewe DE Flower Child 2*D AR2430

DOB: March 29, 2008  Height:  20.25″

Sire: MCH Roc n Ewe JM Duke of Earl +SE
SS:  Roc n Ewe Ranch Jimmy Mack
SD:  Flat Rocks Keepsake
Dam: Lil Roughnecks BC Flutterbye*D
DS:  Double Sundog MM Bonus Check
DD:  Apache Valley Alexia

Flower was on one day test in 2010 with her previous owner.  She is currently #1 on NDGA’s All-time top ten high score for an overall score of 62.39!!!  She is #2 All time top ten BF with 8.1%.  We just LOVE “Flower Power” and the quality of milk she gives.  We hope to milk test her again, along with two of her daughter’s (Magnolia and Sadie) in spring 2014.